Fitness for Mont Blanc 4800m & climbing in the Alps

Being fit for your ascent of Mont Blanc 4800m or climbing in the Alps is an important and integral part of the success and enjoyment of your trip.  It is important that you always consult your GP before starting any new exercise regime.

Hit The Road On Your Bike!

Cycling is a great way to get fit and the perfect excuse to get out and about for some fresh air.  Even if you are not planning on joining one of our cycling trips we would recommend cycling as a great form of all round exercise.

Core Strength

Aim to include some longer walks of six hours or so in your schedule. Vary your training to help keep you motivated — for example, change your route regularly if running outside, change the incline of your running machine if inside, try some cycling, and don’t forget to work on your core strength as well.

Long walks with heavy bags

From our experience, the best training by far for Mont Blanc 4800m is to spend long days of six hours or more walking and scrambling in the mountains, carrying a rucksack of approximately 8 kg in weight. However, we understand that spending this amount of time in the mountains before your trip is not always possible.

About Rob

Mountain Adventure Guides have teamed up with former Great Britain tri-athlete, endurance events coach and personal trainer, Rob Turner. As a keen cyclist, skier and climber, as well as an experienced athlete, Rob works alongside other highly skilled health professionals. Read more about Rob and his approach to fitness for the Alps.

Long days of low intensity

Aside from having a reasonable level of general fitness, Mont Blanc requires you to train for long days at relatively low intensity, so it is more a marathon than a sprint. The more time you can spend working on your fitness before your trip, the easier you will find the whole experience –and you may even enjoy it!

Personal Space

Personal Space is an exclusive and fully equipped gym and therapy centre based in the heart of Mayfair, London. With an holistic approach to exercise and health the centre offers a wealth of knowledge and experience from a team that includes exercise specialists, a nutritional therapist, an osteopath, a pilates instructor and sports therapists.

You can find out more here.

Gentle running

Becoming and staying fit is different for everyone but we suggest a programme of fast walking or gentle running at an easy pace for you; one which allows you to talk comfortably whilst moving. Start with short sessions of approximately 30 minutes and build up over the weeks, or preferably months, before your trip to longer endurance sessions of around two hours or more.